Jaipur Observatory


A few days ago we went to the Royal Observatory in jaiphur. When most people hear the word observatory’s they picture a white building with a half sphere roof with a telescope coming out. But what’s different about the the royal Observatory in Jaipur is it is made out of strange shapes and mathematically in lined .The whole observatory had no glass in it was made out of sundials and other instruments that could tell you where planets were and where they are going to be.At the Observatory there is two metal sundials that are a bit inaccurate because metal gets bigger with the heat.


This is a small sundial not those other two sundials this one is shaped like the big stone one. This Sundial is probably a bit inaccurate unlike the two big sundials.The best thing at the Observatory is definitely this massive stone sundials that is so accurate it goes down to two seconds:



The whole observatory was built three hundred years ago by a genius prince who had help from scholars worldwide to help build his five Observatories one of his Observatories was in Delhi but the main one was in Jaiphur. The prince was called Jai Singh.


This stairway leads up to nowhere but really on a dark cloudless night if you were on the top of the stairway you would be able to look at the north star and you would track it.


3 thoughts on “Jaipur Observatory

  1. Lynda

    Hi Tamir,

    So cool to see Jaipur observatory, how amazing it is made of sundials. Great pictures of how it was all made. Loved the stairway that led to nowhere except from being able to view the north star.

    Take care on your last few weeks in India.
    See you soon.


  2. Michelle

    Hi Tamir

    I was wondering where you all were last night and thought “I wonder if there are any new blog posts”. I was pleased that there were and that I got to catch up with your adventures in India which all look amazing. I imagine that you were very excited at all of the wildlife. Not so sure if I would be brave enough to be where there were tiger prints in the sand but then again, I’m not as brave as you!

    I loved reading about the wedding. What a very special treat to be included in that.

    It seems so long ago that you were here in Australia. I will send you another email through the week and hope that you are all having a great time. You must nearly be back in England soon.

    Lots of love to Omri and Zohar and to your Mum and Dad.

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Kelly Jones

    Wow, India looks amazing. How exciting that you got to see all of those animals. Was it scary?

    How was it to visit the school? Did you make some friends with the other children? I bet it was very different to your school.

    I am missing you, and Omri and Zohar, and Mum and Dad too. I bet its nice to be home and see all your friends.

    Love Kelly xx


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