Wedding in Bhainsgoragh

After Bundi we went to Bhainsrorgargh and and stayed in an old palace.

One night we heard some music and followed it and found a wedding first we saw a generator pushed on a trolly powering these Fluorescent lighting. Then we saw women walking to the wedding and when we finally got to the wedding we saw lots of people dancing and then we left but then the brides brother and sister came and asked if we could  come back to there sister’s wedding and we agreed and came back to the wedding. At the wedding they took us inside and we sat down and watched the dancing then my mum got up and someone came and asked my mum to dance solo. My mother said no  but finally she said yes.

It was late so my little brother was crying and my sister was moaning and the wedding was going to go on till 2 A.M and it was already 11 P.M.  I felt weird because the wedding was on the street and anybody could go to it and every women was wearing a sari. We were lucky because right now in the hindu calender it is wedding season and there is a few wedding’s about and let me tell you what the wedding is it is just a band and lot’s of people marching around the streets till 2 AM.



One thought on “Wedding in Bhainsgoragh

  1. Lynda

    Hi Tamir,

    Just read your latest two blogs. It is hard to believe that children in India do not have tables/chairs in their classrooms and sit on the floor to learn, such large numbers of children in each classroom too. A lot different to schools here in the U.K.

    Good to hear you experienced an Indian wedding, how brave your mum was to get up and dance solo too. Poor Omri and Zohar if they were really tired as it was a late wedding night.

    I am looking forward to hearing more on your next blog before your return in March.



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