School visit in Pushkar


Today we went to visit an Indian school near Pushkar. At the school we saw how the children sat on the floor because there was no room for chairs or desks. In each class there is 40 children and in year 3 they are learning algebra that back in England you wouldn’t  learn in till year 6. In the whole school they is  200 pupils and there is only 4 class’s. At the school there is a I.C.T. room with 10 computers bought by the government. The other subjects are science, Sanscrit a 15,000 year old language. The last two subjects are mathematics and Hindi.


After the school we went on a walk up the street and we saw some women playing a game with stones the aim of the game is simple. So you’ve got to get a stone and throw it up into the air and quickly pick up another stone and catch the stone that you throw and you got to get as many stones as possible.



I tried to play the game but it is to hard to play with out playing it before and the women playing it was amazingly fast. Then we left and came back to the hotel.


One thought on “School visit in Pushkar

  1. Susan Greenwood

    Hello Tamir
    How fascinating to visit an Indian school. Did you meet anyone who could be your pen or email pal. Keep practicing the stone game. It looks like the game Jacks I used to play with Jonny and Colin. I see from Wikipedia that you can also play this with Knuckle bones! Do you remember the catacombs in Paris with all the human bones? That would have been a good place for a game!

    Lots of love Susan


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