I went to a elephant sanctuary and saw lot’s of Elephants and ride a elephant and more. The tusks  feel weird it was kind of a polished stone feeling and the trunk feels like a rough leathery chair and the head has some hairs but not many it fells like a spiky pie feeling  the back feels like the head.


This a Elephant having a bath in the lake and it takes about 40 min’s for per Elephant and we were there for awhile in till they got up and then we went on a Elephant it was massive twice the size of a bus and it was an adult and the ones in the photo are just babes .


This a festival in a Hindi Temple we stayed there for a hour and saw this weird instrument  that was a clay pot that it was used as a drum and there was monk there lighting candles .



We went to the backwaters and saw lots birds and other boats this a canoe and it had one passenger we went into open waters and tiny rivers and thats were we met the man in the canoe.


Yesterday we saw a monkey in he garden we feed him some small bananas and he was big and growled at us.




This a cue for free food at the Hindi festival it was very long and lots of people bunched up and the

music was very loud and there was lots of crow scares and the music went on all night  and there was Gangnam style at 4 AM and at night.



This is the backwaters and it took about 30 min  to get there and back we were on the boat

for half an hour . And there was lots of fruit trees and lots of fish .

There people bathing in the river and floating fruit and wood.

All the trees were palm trees it was deep and murky and smelly in some places.



3 thoughts on “India

  1. Michelle

    Hi Tamir

    These photos are just great. How exciting that you got to ride an elephant. I love all of the brightly coloured clothing on the ladies. I’m not so sure about being greeted by the growling monkey though. That would have freaked me out a bit. Keep the blog posts coming. We’re all reading them in Australia.

    Lots of love to Omri and Zohar.

    Michelle xxxx

  2. Kelly

    Hey Tamir,

    How exciting that you got to get so close to the elephants, they look beautiful. They look very big! Have you seen any other animals. That monkey look grumpy. He must have wanted more bananas…
    Can’t wait to hear what happens next.


  3. Lynda

    Hi Tamir,

    Just looked at the amazing photo’s and read your latest blog on India. How cool it must be to go on the outback waters and experience the entire culture of India. The Hindu Festival must of been really intresting especially with all the music. Seeing the elephants at the sanctuary and being able to touch them was a great opportunity, not many people could probably say they had touched a elephants tusk and feel its skin. I hope you are all enjoying India.

    Its been snowing in England quite a lot today about 10cms, a bit different to your hot temperatures.

    Take care and keep having fun.



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