Byron Bay

A few days before Christmas we went to Byron Bay.

And it was a 10 hour drive to Byron Bay, so we stopped halfway at a place called ‘seal rocks’


When we got there found out the whole hotel was in the jungle and there was wild turkeys every where . We had a cabin in the  middle of the jungle and we stayed there for a week  and some friends.





There was a was a beach 356 m away and every time we went there the sea was mild. There were big wave’s and the sand was squeaky when you walked on it .

This is one of the wild Turkeys the Turkeys smaller then normal. The smaller Turkeys and have a gold ring around their necks have and mud baths. IMG_4356

















There were some ponds and lakes at the hotel and they were full of plants and birds.












2 thoughts on “Byron Bay

  1. Kelly Jones

    Hey Tamir,

    The pictures of Byron look amazing. You must have had so much fun in the surf up there – I don’t like the wild turkeys too much though!
    I can’t wait to hear about what you have done since you leave Australia. I bet your having the best time.

    missing you all,
    Love Kelly

  2. Lynda

    Hi Tamir.

    How cool to spend Christmas time in a cabin in the Australian outback jungle. I bet you had loads of fun, those black turkeys look pretty mean.

    You must either be in India now or very close to going there so i am sure you will have or be having a fantastic time, especially with friends as well.

    Take care, Happy New Year.



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