At Wollongong

On Friday I went to the zoo with my family. It was like the London zoo but bigger. We went on a sky safari in a cable car over the zoo. We saw Gibbon’s , Koi and lots of other animals. We brought an awesome surfing penguin thing. We had lot’s of fun.

After the zoo I went to Wollongong with some friends and surfed. We stayed  for 2 nights. We surfed  a lot. We found some funny number plates on the drive. It took 2 and a half hours to get there. We went to the movie Skyfall while we were there. We drove home that night. I had an amazing time.



This is me before I got in the water.



These are the people I surfed with. It was a very hot day.



This is the funny car.


One thought on “At Wollongong

  1. Lynda

    Hi Tamir,

    Glad to read about your latest adventures and that you stayed with your friend and family in Wollongong.

    We are sending you wishes for a Happy 10th Birthday, have a cool day.

    Lynda and Emma.


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