At the wildlife park and the Aquarium.

Yesterday we went to the aquarium and a wild life park with some friends. It was pretty much amazing. We went there on the ferry. There was pretty much everything.  In the wildlife park I saw all of the Australian animals. We saw kangaroos, crocodiles, emus, casseroles, koalas, wombats, butterflies and lots of snakes and insects. I touched a massive stick insect. it had scalely and spiky skin. The Emus were the best and they scared my Teacher. We had lunch and went to the aquarium.We went to a shark chamber and walked through. There was sharks and stingrays. The we caught the ferry home.



This is a lobster which was a yard in diameter. `We saw it at the sea life aquarium.



This crocodile was in a bad mood. It was very big.



These baby emus were amazing. There were about 18 of them and they are so small compared to their adults.



These are striped tailed Kangaroos. They were medium sizes. There were a few Joeys (baby Kangaroos there.




This Flathead shark was amazing. And It’s teeth are  weird. IMG_3021


I was on a Ferry on the way to Darling Harbour.



One thought on “At the wildlife park and the Aquarium.

  1. Lynda

    Hi Tamir.
    Great to see and hear you are out and about with your friends, the aquarium and wildlife park look amazing. The photos that you took look slightly scary with so much detail.
    Here in oxford we had our first snow shower yesterday, only about an inch but very cold. Am sure you wont be missing the cold winter here.
    Cant wait for your next blog.


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