Monthly Archives: December 2012

At Wollongong

On Friday I went to the zoo with my family. It was like the London zoo but bigger. We went on a sky safari in a cable car over the zoo. We saw Gibbon’s , Koi and lots of other animals. We brought an awesome surfing penguin thing. We had lot’s of fun.

After the zoo I went to Wollongong with some friends and surfed. We stayed  for 2 nights. We surfed  a lot. We found some funny number plates on the drive. It took 2 and a half hours to get there. We went to the movie Skyfall while we were there. We drove home that night. I had an amazing time.



This is me before I got in the water.



These are the people I surfed with. It was a very hot day.



This is the funny car.


The Blue Mountains

It was a 3 hour drive to the Blue Mountains and when we got there we stayed in a hut. The whole place was in a valley. Then we went on a safari and saw an albino wallaby, kangaroo’s, plain wallabies and a wombat hole. It was amazing. We went on a 4 by 4 no door’s and windows truck and we went through a couple of creeks. Then we did horse riding on horse’s and archery.    


This  is a wombat hole which has a TV cable going through it.  


This is a creek that you can cycle across. That is what we did. We cycled for 7km. 

IMG_3569This is a Kangaroo. We saw it when we were going back to our hut. Kangaroos are amazing. We saw an adult male. 


At the wildlife park and the Aquarium.

Yesterday we went to the aquarium and a wild life park with some friends. It was pretty much amazing. We went there on the ferry. There was pretty much everything.  In the wildlife park I saw all of the Australian animals. We saw kangaroos, crocodiles, emus, casseroles, koalas, wombats, butterflies and lots of snakes and insects. I touched a massive stick insect. it had scalely and spiky skin. The Emus were the best and they scared my Teacher. We had lunch and went to the aquarium.We went to a shark chamber and walked through. There was sharks and stingrays. The we caught the ferry home.



This is a lobster which was a yard in diameter. `We saw it at the sea life aquarium.



This crocodile was in a bad mood. It was very big.



These baby emus were amazing. There were about 18 of them and they are so small compared to their adults.



These are striped tailed Kangaroos. They were medium sizes. There were a few Joeys (baby Kangaroos there.




This Flathead shark was amazing. And It’s teeth are  weird. IMG_3021


I was on a Ferry on the way to Darling Harbour.