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Sydney – surfing and the opera house

I landed in Australia on Halloween.We went straight to the house and thought of a new nickname for my sister Omri -OMELETTE. My sister found a red back spider in her room.

Then we flew to New Zealand. We stayed in Auckland on the North island. My little brother made his 6th wife teddy at this hotel called Mollies. we went to Kelly’s marine reserve. We saw the worlds biggest stingray. It was the size of a medium sized table. We went to a museum and we saw these people dancing and singing. We got to see what it would be like to experience a volcano. It was a little bit scary but pretty amazing. We went to¬† a black sand beach where the sand is black and magnetic and climbed lion rock mountain bare foot.

We went back to Australia and went on a ferry to visit the other side of Sydney. I went surfing with some friends. We visited Melbourne and went to an amazing park with old war planes, massive tree houses, pirate ships and trampolines.

We come back to Sydney. We went to palm beach to surf but we couldn’t surf because a whale copse has washed up and there was shark activity.

My friend was surfing on another beach and saw a stingray so we couldn’t surf there either.

I went surfing with some friends at Manly beach. There was quite good surf. The sea was really warm. It was infested with bluebottle jellyfish.

I got stung by a bluebottle jelly fish at Manly beach and it stings for five minutes after it stung me.

This is me in the Sydney opera house. I got to go backstage.

This is me outside the Sydney opera house. It looks like one big building from far away. When they were building it they ran into lots of problems that they had to invent a completely new way of building it. It is one of the worlds strangest buildings.

This is the Sydney opera house up close. It is made out of billions of little tiles.

We went to Melbourne and saw people collecting starfish. They were collecting them because they were pests and they lay lots of eggs. Normally all of the eggs survive.