We are in Bangkok. We went to some tempeles and saw Golden statues. We took a speedboat there.It took about 10 minutes to get there on the speedboat .


11 thoughts on “Bangkok

  1. Margot

    Wow that looks fantastic…..I love the pictures, all that gilding yummy, thanks for letting us know what you are up to and send love to all
    x margot

  2. traceytaylor2000

    Hi Tamir! Great to read what you are doing. Alfie is in Rome at the moment with his Dad and grandparents but I will forward this to them and he can see what you are up to. You have seen so much already! Eaten anything yummy yet? How was the flight? Keep us informed… back to school on Monday so will be rather jealous of you and the sunshine!

  3. Joe Egg

    Hey Tamir

    Good to hear your news and see your great pics! I’ve never been to Asia AT ALL so any news will be exciting 🙂

    Missing you over here 😦 weather is cold but the sun is shining.

    Send my love to everyone and hope to read your next blog soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Tim bananas

    Hi Tamir,

    great to see your pictures and news about what you are getting up to on your trip.

    its like a postcard – but better

    looking forward to hearing news when you have arrived in Australia.


  5. סיגל הרוש

    היי תמיר חמוד מקווה שאתם נהנים מאד מכל המקומות החדשים שאתם מבקרים המון חוויות תמשיך לצלם תמונות ואנחנו נכתוב לך . ריף מוסר דש חם ומחכה לראות אותך בקרוב . הרבה הרבה נשיקות וחיבוקים ❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋😄😄😀

      1. Walter Cundy

        Hi Tamir. That’s brilliant. So exciting, especially the spider, massive Stingray and a dead whale!!!
        Cora says your nickname for Omri is very good but don’t be mean!!
        See you in 5 weeks !! Xx

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