Jaipur Observatory


A few days ago we went to the Royal Observatory in jaiphur. When most people hear the word observatory’s they picture a white building with a half sphere roof with a telescope coming out. But what’s different about the the royal Observatory in Jaipur is it is made out of strange shapes and mathematically in lined .The whole observatory had no glass in it was made out of sundials and other instruments that could tell you where planets were and where they are going to be.At the Observatory there is two metal sundials that are a bit inaccurate because metal gets bigger with the heat.


This is a small sundial not those other two sundials this one is shaped like the big stone one. This Sundial is probably a bit inaccurate unlike the two big sundials.The best thing at the Observatory is definitely this massive stone sundials that is so accurate it goes down to two seconds:



The whole observatory was built three hundred years ago by a genius prince who had help from scholars worldwide to help build his five Observatories one of his Observatories was in Delhi but the main one was in Jaiphur. The prince was called Jai Singh.


This stairway leads up to nowhere but really on a dark cloudless night if you were on the top of the stairway you would be able to look at the north star and you would track it.


Wedding in Bhainsgoragh

After Bundi we went to Bhainsrorgargh and and stayed in an old palace.

One night we heard some music and followed it and found a wedding first we saw a generator pushed on a trolly powering these Fluorescent lighting. Then we saw women walking to the wedding and when we finally got to the wedding we saw lots of people dancing and then we left but then the brides brother and sister came and asked if we could  come back to there sister’s wedding and we agreed and came back to the wedding. At the wedding they took us inside and we sat down and watched the dancing then my mum got up and someone came and asked my mum to dance solo. My mother said no  but finally she said yes.

It was late so my little brother was crying and my sister was moaning and the wedding was going to go on till 2 A.M and it was already 11 P.M.  I felt weird because the wedding was on the street and anybody could go to it and every women was wearing a sari. We were lucky because right now in the hindu calender it is wedding season and there is a few wedding’s about and let me tell you what the wedding is it is just a band and lot’s of people marching around the streets till 2 AM.


School visit in Pushkar


Today we went to visit an Indian school near Pushkar. At the school we saw how the children sat on the floor because there was no room for chairs or desks. In each class there is 40 children and in year 3 they are learning algebra that back in England you wouldn’t  learn in till year 6. In the whole school they is  200 pupils and there is only 4 class’s. At the school there is a I.C.T. room with 10 computers bought by the government. The other subjects are science, Sanscrit a 15,000 year old language. The last two subjects are mathematics and Hindi.


After the school we went on a walk up the street and we saw some women playing a game with stones the aim of the game is simple. So you’ve got to get a stone and throw it up into the air and quickly pick up another stone and catch the stone that you throw and you got to get as many stones as possible.



I tried to play the game but it is to hard to play with out playing it before and the women playing it was amazingly fast. Then we left and came back to the hotel.



We started in Alwar. 



We went to a hotel with a rats in it and one of the rats got into our room my mum saw first on a table and we had to move room. And the new room was smaller and we had to sleep on the floor. 


This is a temple on top of a hill and we met some people and went back to the Hotel.


This is a Village near are fort and saw lots of small houses and cows.


Then we had a 7 hour drive from Alwar to Ramathra fort and here are some of


the animals found around the fort. Blue bull,common Langur, common Mongoose, swamp Crocodiles, Jackal and Leopards.


We went on a rowing across a bid lake with lots of birds. It took half an hour to get from side to the other.




This is a dead blue Bull killed by a tiger and it was an adult blue Bull.

The Tiger killed the Bull in the night and left it in the day and is

coming back in the night.




This is tiger footprints were the Tiger that killed the blue Bull.

And there were about 2 hour’s old and the tiger was hiding

somewhere close.




This is alive blue bull that is running and this was in Leopard territory. And there female but it was not in the picture because it was to far away.


It was freezing where this is this place is on the top of a mountain .At 6 A.m

Then we drove of in the jeep to another place And this was where this photo

was taken.


















Yesterday we were in Bundi.



This is the palace were the Maharaja stayed

And in the courtyard there was Elephant

fighting. There were monkeys running around and pigs and

dogs. There were lot’s of ruins and mosaics with home made

glass . It was overgrown and was 500 years old .

The Elephants were giving alchool. 





These are stone elephants carved at the gate of the palace.

And these Elephants were on stilts made of stone.

All around the Elephants there were Hornet nests.



This is the passage way women used because back then women we not allowed to be seen so when men were watching Elephant fighting the women would come up here and use the tunnels. Now the passage way and tunnels are inhabit with a family of monkeys and if you look close you can see a baby monkey.  




This is where the Maharaja use to sit And watch the Elephant

fighting . He also sat here and people came to him with gold,

silk and other goods. 





This is a painting in the Palace and it had gold foil in it.The painting had faded a bit and was kept in a dark place And when we left monkeys came in. While we were in we opened the window and saw a parrot. This panting has Ivory in it .   





I went to a elephant sanctuary and saw lot’s of Elephants and ride a elephant and more. The tusks  feel weird it was kind of a polished stone feeling and the trunk feels like a rough leathery chair and the head has some hairs but not many it fells like a spiky pie feeling  the back feels like the head.


This a Elephant having a bath in the lake and it takes about 40 min’s for per Elephant and we were there for awhile in till they got up and then we went on a Elephant it was massive twice the size of a bus and it was an adult and the ones in the photo are just babes .


This a festival in a Hindi Temple we stayed there for a hour and saw this weird instrument  that was a clay pot that it was used as a drum and there was monk there lighting candles .



We went to the backwaters and saw lots birds and other boats this a canoe and it had one passenger we went into open waters and tiny rivers and thats were we met the man in the canoe.


Yesterday we saw a monkey in he garden we feed him some small bananas and he was big and growled at us.




This a cue for free food at the Hindi festival it was very long and lots of people bunched up and the

music was very loud and there was lots of crow scares and the music went on all night  and there was Gangnam style at 4 AM and at night.



This is the backwaters and it took about 30 min  to get there and back we were on the boat

for half an hour . And there was lots of fruit trees and lots of fish .

There people bathing in the river and floating fruit and wood.

All the trees were palm trees it was deep and murky and smelly in some places.


Byron Bay

A few days before Christmas we went to Byron Bay.

And it was a 10 hour drive to Byron Bay, so we stopped halfway at a place called ‘seal rocks’


When we got there found out the whole hotel was in the jungle and there was wild turkeys every where . We had a cabin in the  middle of the jungle and we stayed there for a week  and some friends.





There was a was a beach 356 m away and every time we went there the sea was mild. There were big wave’s and the sand was squeaky when you walked on it .

This is one of the wild Turkeys the Turkeys smaller then normal. The smaller Turkeys and have a gold ring around their necks have and mud baths. IMG_4356

















There were some ponds and lakes at the hotel and they were full of plants and birds.











At Wollongong

On Friday I went to the zoo with my family. It was like the London zoo but bigger. We went on a sky safari in a cable car over the zoo. We saw Gibbon’s , Koi and lots of other animals. We brought an awesome surfing penguin thing. We had lot’s of fun.

After the zoo I went to Wollongong with some friends and surfed. We stayed  for 2 nights. We surfed  a lot. We found some funny number plates on the drive. It took 2 and a half hours to get there. We went to the movie Skyfall while we were there. We drove home that night. I had an amazing time.



This is me before I got in the water.



These are the people I surfed with. It was a very hot day.



This is the funny car.